G2 Marketing Solutions is a full service advertising agency based in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida serving local, regional and national clients. The idea of G2 Marketing Solutions was truly BORN on the beach! Check out the picture of the logo drawn in the sand further down the page! After 30+ years in the advertising world I had a Wave of an idea... create an agency that specializes in one on one client collaboration. The beach is simple and uncomplicated and advertising should be the same. It's really pretty simple when we identify the right targeted audience for your business, figure out what moves them and then communicate a credible accurate message to them. I've spent years watching large scale commodity agencies waste hundreds of thousands of their client's dollars because they didn't know or understand the markets in which they were investing. We research every market we invest in so we understand the most essential advertising methods available. G2 Marketing Solutions specializes in advertising campaigns that engage consumers on all levels of their senses thus compelling them to truly feel your campaign and react in a manner that delivers results and profits. RAISED by 30+ years of experience!


Our Story

Imagine that you are on the beach. You are comfortable and inspired with all of your senses reacting to your surroundings. The beach is filled with salt, sand, water, birds, people. The advertising world is filled with the same things vying for consumers attention: television, cable, radio, outdoor, print, social, digital and yet somehow when advertising messages are delivered correctly they all co-exist at the optimum level of frequency ensuring your harmonious success! We have the connections, clout and creativity to guarantee fulfillment of your expectations. And, rest assured we are smart, resourceful and prudent with your investments.

G2 Marketing Solutions delivers breakthrough campaigns that go beyond the clutter in the advertising world. Simple and yet 100% effective!

Ad Packages

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Local, regional and national partnerships give us the ability to negotiate the best rates and placements for your media expenditures. How do we do it? We ask the questions and listen to the answers that develop into your solutions.


Local and Network placements available.


Traditional, Digital and Endorsement programs.


Custom geo-targeting to reach your specific audience.


G2 Marketing Solutions specializes in buying Static Bulletins, Digital Bulletins, Posters, Wallscapes, Street Furniture, Transit, and Shelters.
Market Rides Are Available for Out of State Agencies.
Let us ensure you are investing your clients budget correctly. Contact us for pricing

Game Changer Seminars with MehraVista Health

Bringing tough topics to life for the business community.

Digital & Social

Geo-targeting, custom targeting and retargeting.

Political Advertising

Strong strategic partnerships with winning teams both locally and nationally.

Business Development with JES Publishing

Offered to select clients. We will bring your product or service to market and/or train your sales staff with the best sales techniques

Print Media & Direct Mail

Premium placement in all newspaper, magazine, local publications with custom publications available.

What We Love


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Giving Back

Learn a little more about what we do to make a difference in the world.

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Our clients deserve more than the work we provide - they need someone in their corner.

Our Clients

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Quality is never an accident.
It is always the result of an intelligent effort.

Our Leadership



Lori Gieseking founded G2 Marketing Solutions with the thought of simplicity and how to best serve clients in an over crowded advertising world that seems to become more complex every day.

Lori has over 25 years of experience in media including national and local sales for CBS Radio & iHeart Media as well as Advertising Director for The Tampa Bay Business Journal. Prior to creating G2 Marketing Solutions she was the national sales manager for Clear Channel Outdoor.

Lori has strong ties to the Tampa Bay community along with her husband Bill Gieseking serving on over 10 non-profit boards between them. In their “off-time” they travel extensively finding the best fishing spots around the world and enjoying the simplicity and inspiration of their beach life on Indian Rocks Beach.


VP of Sales

Our world is forever changing. Chris loves change! It keeps companies progressing, it keeps the mind fresh and makes new opportunities. Just like the water changes the sand the changes in her life have given Chris more experience, lots of great business partnerships and a wide open perspective.

What Chris brings to the agency is a very strong background in media and print and many long standing relationships with our clients. She has worked directly on the “other” side of television and cable advertising with Viamedia, Verizon Fios and Brighthouse. Her radio experience with CBS Radio and Hernando broadcasting and print advertising with Clipper Magazine makes her a full service expert when it comes to all advertising avenues.

Let’s Connect

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to excellence.